Our expert tree surgeons in Norfolk and Norwich are the ideal choice for crown raising services. Professional advice and techniques are critical to ensure the task is completed appropriately.

Specialising incommercial sites, we can safely remove the lower branches if suitable. Our services extend to domestic households including heritage sites.

What is a crown raising or lift?

tree surgeon crown raising in Norwich, NorfolkCrown raising or crown lifting is achieved by removing the lowest branches of a tree.

The crown is the outer area’s which hold the branches supporting the leaves.

Usually, we measure this in metres, where the crown line is to be raised. The lower area is then cut precisely to lift this crown line. A professional tree surgeon will convert this lift into a percentage.

Ideally, a restriction of this line to no more than 15% of the crown height and 66% of the complete tree height is advisable. Furthermore, a specific fixed point as a note should be a reference, for example, “crown raise to achieve 6.0m clearance above road level”.

What are the reasons for crown raising?

Crown raising, a common arborist technique, is usually performed to increase ground clearance. Some reasons to remove lower branches are:

  • removing obstructions to traffic
  • preventing from contact with property
  • allowing more light to areas under the tree
  • improving the view or line of sight

Much less damage is at risk to the tree than crown reduction or crown thinning, but there are risks. It’s advisable the work in done gradually over the years.

Norwich based tree surgeons, Target Trees, will only lift a crown after a full risk assessment.

What are the methods of raising a crown?

To avoid damage to the tree, it’s critical work is carried out to promote the tree’s health. When raising a crown is performed we want to:

  • Keep as much foliage as possible (it’s the tree’s food source);
  • Allow the tree’s supporting structures to remain intact;
  • Leave smaller branches on the tree if possible;
  • Prevent decay by not over-pruning the tree.

The consequences of not following these methods could result in the trunk of tree risking sunburn, epicormic growth and decay.

Our professional tree surgeons carrying out crown raising will always keep the future health of the tree a priority. There is no point unnecessarily cutting healthy parts of a tree to create problems in the future.

Why should I use Target Trees?

Crown raising has been successfully achieved throughout Norfolk’s countryside by Target Trees. Our priority is to perform our tree care service to expert levels, resulting in:

  • protecting the health of the trees
  • public and property are safe from debris

We only use the highest quality rigging equipment. Therefore, removing debris and climbing trees is 100% safe. Damaging the local environment is avoided at all costs.

What makes our company the best choice for crown lifting services? With a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge of the local area, our expert arborists always perform efficiently.