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Below we have various tips to understanding exactly what a BS5837 tree survey is and help you to understand if you need one

We breakdown the tree survey into simple sections by offering advice, which will we think will help you decide whether you need a BS5837 tree survey. (British standard bs5837 trees in relation to construction).

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Below are 3 steps you ill need to take to obtain a tree survey report.

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How to get a BS5837 tree survey and tree report

Local councils in Britain have policies in place to protect trees in your area. A BS5837 tree survey is a British standard of tree care in the event of construction and development.

As part of a planning application for construction or development, a BS5837 tree survey might be required by your local council authority.

A highly skilled & professional arboriculturist should provide a detailed report to you (the landowner), with specific information about the trees he or she has surveyed.

This report can be presented to your local authority, which shows that you have conducted the correct standard of tree care, within your planned area of development.

BS5837 Tree Survey for planned development
Is a tree survey required for your planned development

Your tree surveyor will produce a report of the findings of the tree survey

A tree survey can be carried out on both private or public landscapes. The survey aims to provide valuable information about the trees within the area of planned development.

Property developers, landowners and local council authorities can make clear decisions based on the report that has been produced from the survey. Decisions can then be made from the available options which best suits the care of the trees.

A tree survey contains complete details of data about the trees. A professional arborist must survey to British Standards, this is why the survey is called a BS5837 tree survey. BS meaning, British Standards.

The report identifies concerns or hazards which helps to determine which trees to be kept and which trees to be removed.

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5 Important points to consider before beginning your tree survey application

  1. A tree preservation order.If a tree preservation order is in place, the trees can not be removed by law. It may become a requirement to incorporate these trees into the design of the development. You may find that in some areas, a tree survey is compulsory, especially if a tree preservation order has been put into place. This will be a special condition that is an enforced order and must be upheld. A tree preservation order comes into force to prevent a protected tree from being cut down accidentally (based on the Wildlife and Countryside Act).
  2. Reasons why a tree survey needs to be carried out.In general, a bs5837 tree survey is conducted when people have the intention to develop on land close to the location of trees. Therefore a tree survey becomes greatly important.
  3. Safeguarding & future-proofing your development.The report retrieved from a tree survey can be useful to allow for more accurate plans and drawings of your proposed development. Visual appearance is just one benefit of a tree survey, another is that your report may point out certain hazards and unsafe trees. This is particularly important if you need a tree report for a mortgage. For example, due to fungal decay, a tree may fall any moment, especially in such circumstances as high winds. In this case, it is better to have this knowledge to hand and make a decision to remove the tree. These are critical safety viewpoints that need to be addressed and actioned by the landowner.
  4. Essential council requirement. A BS5837 tree survey will give you a comprehensive report on the quality of the trees within your land. Reasonable decisions can then be made in the best interests of the tree, the land, the homeowner and of course pleasing the relevant authorities.Your local council requires the BS5837 tree survey as a validation requirement.
  5. Employing a tree surveyor.A BS5837 tree survey should be administered by a trained and qualified arboriculturist. It is expected that he or she will present a detailed and easy to understand tree report. Trees will be tagged with specific tags and numbers. These numbers can be cross-referenced with at any time within your report. It should be easy to understand the meanings of these tags and numbers.

Who is qualified to carry out a tree survey?

A tree survey is usually carried out by a qualified arboricultural officer.

Here at target trees, Ian Flatters carries out all of our tree surveys. Ian is the founder and director of target trees which is a Norfolk based tree surgeon and arboricultural business.

We can aid the ease of your tree survey from the initial meeting through to post-planning and site monitoring.

What information does the tree survey include?

Included in the tree survey will be a report which contains specific information such as;

  • Tree Species
  • Tree Orientation
  • Tree Dimensional and Root Protection Area Data
  • Tree Structure
  • Tree Physiological Condition
  • Tree Positioning
  • Tree Size

Other features such as shrub areas, hedges, or regenerating woodland must also be included.

Tree co-ordinates will be used on a topographical survey which shows any possible constraints to the proposed development that may inhibit life and welfare of trees. This survey will show relevant site features such as:

  • Existing Buildings
  • Roads
  • Street Lighting
  • Drains
  • Walls
  • Fences

In house tree expert Ian Flatters covers large parts of the UK, although the majority of our tree survey work is done near Norfolk, London, Surrey, Kent and Hertfordshire, we offer an online BS5837 tree survey where we can carry out a report via visual methods.

We also offer site visits where required.

How much does a BS5837 tree survey cost?

Surveys start from £299 and can cost in excess of £5,000. Once we receive your details we will be able to provide a Free quotation. We offer a call back service to discuss the quotation in detail with you and can also offer a telephone call to learn more about the type of tree survey that will suit you best.

Get Your BS5837 Tree Survey From £299

We are trusted & reviewed arboricultural experts qualified to carry out tree surveys

A large proportion of tree surgeons offering tree surveys and reports will outsource the survey to a 3rd party.

We do not do this!

We are expert arborists and qualified to carry out a tree survey for you. Once you submit the tree survey form, your information says in house.

Only qualified staff within our company will complete the actual work to hand.