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Tree Stump Removal: What Are Your Options?

When the time comes to chop down a tree, you need to be realistic with the scale of what’s involved. Generally speaking, any tree that’s even remotely large or positioned close to people or property should only be tackled by the experts. Even when it seems like a fairly straightforward job, the reality could be […]
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Simple Tips for Creating a Kid-Proof Garden

Creating a kid-friendly garden is all about engineering an exterior living space that the whole family will enjoy. And not just enjoy, but continue enjoying for many years to come. It’s one thing to create a masterpiece that’s perfectly suitable for a three-year-old, but this would inherently mean that a couple of years down the […]
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Restricted Access Tree Surgery Proceeding with Caution

Here at Target Trees, we fully accept the fact that there will always be plenty of minor to moderate arboreal tasks that don’t necessarily call for professional intervention. In domestic instances in particular, simply carrying out the odd snip and trim here and there is something most DIY-types can tackle. What’s more, a growing number […]
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Trees: They Deserve Our Thought and Respect!

Chances are that as part and parcel of our standard education, every single one of us has been told that trees are important and should be respected. Which is something we come to believe and understand during childhood, though then seem to forget entirely during adolescence and our teenage years. It simply becomes the kind […]
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Warning Signs to Watch For When Choosing a Tree Surgeon

We recently penned a piece which focused on just a few of the attributes and characteristics you should be looking for, when selecting a quality tree surgeon. This time around, we thought we’d take a look at things in reverse. That being, the kinds of things that should set alarm bells ringing and have you […]
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What to Look For When Selecting a Tree Surgeon

If you have any number of trees on your land or property whatsoever, it is important to acknowledge the fact that occasional care and maintenance will be required. In most instances, you may get away with a little DIY pruning and other rudimentary snipping where called for. Nevertheless, there will always be instances where for […]
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Five Fruit Trees You Can Easily Grow in Britain

We’d like to bet that one of the questions most frequently brought to Target Trees is the same with every other tree management and maintenance company across the region. It’s no secret that the United Kingdom isn’t exactly blessed with the most outstanding or reliable weather in the world. In fact, it’s usually quite to […]
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The Benefits of Planting Trees at Home

As the weather finally begins to show signs of improving and the first few hints of spring appear, millions of UK homeowners once again start thinking about their gardens. Specifically, what they can start doing right now to ensure they get maximum enjoyment from their outdoor living spaces throughout the all-too-brief warmer months. Unsurprisingly, we at […]
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Emergency Callouts What Constitutes an Emergency?

Here at Target Trees, we’ve always taken enormous pride in offering the most comprehensive range of products and services possible. From the simplest of home tree maintenance jobs to long-term tree management projects for industrial and commercial customers, we like to think that no matter what is needed or when, you can count on us […]
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An Introductory Guide to Tree Removal

They might be some of the most beautiful features of the Great British landscape in general, but nevertheless, there are some instances when they have just got to go. It could be that a tree has become dangerous or simply a nuisance for any number of reasons. In any case, you’ve made the decision to […]
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